Purpose and scope

Nature of waste product covered by the OSWMP

Oily waste management, including the final disposal of the waste, is one of the most difficult problems to deal with when an accidental oil spill occurs. The quantity and diversity of waste generated by clean-up operations as a result of major spills, but also smaller ones, can cause major difficulties to response coordinators. It is essential that the NOSCP includes (or refers to) adequate provisions for the management and final disposal of all oily wastes.

Type and magnitude of incident covered by the OSWMP

The National Waste Management Plan / Policy / Legislation

The National Waste Management Plan / Policy / Legislation
The oil spill waste management plan (OSWMP) is developed in accordance with the regulations in force. It concerns the first phase of oily waste management including waste minimization, classification, segregation, storage and transport and the second phase including treatment and final disposal.

The OSWMP shall cover small, medium and large spills.

It is an operational document which identifies the:

  • authorities in charge and involved in waste management, and possible industry support,
  • objectives and recommendations for each step of the waste management process to optimize efficiency and cost,
  • specialized service providers, laboratories, civil works and transport companies, PPE and containment suppliers to reduce the time required in an emergency to source them,
  • treatment process and disposal facilities available.

The OSWMP also provides Technical Guidelines about:

  • waste minimization, classification and segregation,
  • model templates ready to use for waste tracking during transport and storage,
  • criteria to establish temporary storage on site and pre-identification of possible intermediate and long-term storage sites,
  • assessment tool to identify the best treatment process or disposal options in the country for each type of waste.

Sections of the National Oil Spill Contingency Plan dealing with Oil Spill Waste Management

To be specifically defined for each country.

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