National status assessment for OSW management

Assessment of in country legal framework and treatment capabilities

It is the responsibility of each country to:

  • assess their existing OSWMP;
  • evaluate the need to update and/ or complete their OSWMP;
  • identify the existing waste treatment facilities in country and the type of waste they can manage, and
  • consequently, the waste that cannot be managed in the country.

To facilitate this task, the Questionnaire provided by REMPEC (see the Guide) may assist the countries in carrying out a first assessment:

  • The results of Section 1, Questions 1-2, outline the basic requirements of a waste management plan.
  • The following sections of the Questionnaire details the various items that should be contained in a OSWMP and issues that should be dealt with.


The OSWMP can be implemented in different ways in countries e.g. as:

  • an independent operational document,
  • provisions of the National Oil Spill Contingency Plan,
  • regulations.

The level of work to be carried out in each country will depend on this preliminary assessment (based on the Questionnaire):

  • A country with few and/or incomplete answers to the Questionnaire should consider developing a complete OSWMP.
  • A country able to provide answers to most of the Questionnaire should simply consider updating and completing as required their existing OSWMP.

Refer to Questionnaire of REMPEC, Section 1, all questions.

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