Participants in the development of the OSWMP

The management of oil spill waste will involve representatives from various organisations (National Competent Authority, Ministries, specialized agencies, laboratories, industry etc.).

To prepare the OSWMP, it is recommended to set up a Technical Working Group supervised by the National Competent Authority and comprising representatives of the different services. Authorities and their possible involvement are listed below.

Authority Possible involvement
Ministry in charge of Transport Transport of waste.
Ministry in charge of Industry Analysis, technical solution, implementing treatment, etc.
Ministry in charge of Public Works Set up of intermediate and long term waste storage sites, etc.
Ministry in charge of Environment Technical advice for waste minimization and treatment, environmental monitoring, waste analysis, soil and water analysis of storage sites, monitoring of the rehabilitation of decommissioned storage sites, etc.
Ministry in charge of Mineral Resources/ Soil/ Petroleum Choice of intermediate/long term waste storage sites, soil and water analysis, etc.
Ministry in charge of Home Affairs Temporary and exceptional authorisation for waste storage, limitation of access to storage sites, etc.
Specialized national agency for waste management Domestic and/or industrial landfills and/or incinerators or other equipments.
Representative of provincial authority Depending on the national administrative organisation and on the national oil spill response organisation, the provincial authority may be in charge of the waste treatment in their respective province.
Representatives of the oil industry and waste treatment industry Oil storage, refinery, port reception facility, oil exploration and production facilities, waste incinerator, cement kiln, etc.

Depending on the National Organisation, this Technical Working Group will be included in the National Oil Spill Contingency Planning team, or will work independently. Table-top exercises inviting national organisations can be organised to discuss waste management policy and responsibilities.

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