Mediterranean OSWM - Technical guidelines

Title Author Summary Files
TG1 - Waste classification REMPEC - Cedre Proposed classification of oil spill wastes in seven categories, depending on their nature and relative content and corresponding to distinct waste management streams TG1_Waste_classification.pdf
TG2 - Oil spill waste analysis for treatment REMPEC Equipment needed, description/principle, administrative and legal sampling, sample labelling TG2_Oil_spill_waste_analysis_for_treatment.pdf
TG3 - Waste minimization during recovery REMPEC Minimizing contamination and secondary spreading, recycling equipment, choosing selective techniques and in situ handling of oily material TG3_Waste_minimization_during_recovery.pdf
TG4 - Waste sorting at source during recovery REMPEC Choose adequate containment, anticipate requipements TG4_Waste_sorting_at_source_during_recovery.pdf
TG5 - Criteria and basic rules for temporary storage REMPEC Site selection, setting up facilities, types of storage, management of site TG5_Criteria_and_basic_rules_for_temporary_storage.pdf
TG6 - Template "Waste tracking datasheet' REMPEC Identification of producer, transporter, destination of the waste; Listing of specialised companies TG6_Template_Waste_tracking_datasheet.pdf
TG7 - Intermediate and long term storage sites location criteria REMPEC TG7_Intermediate_and_long-term_storage_sites_location_criteria.pdf
TG8 - Intermediate and long term sortage sites management REMPEC Examples of set up of intermediate and long term sortage sites; recommendations for the protection and management of the sites TG8_Intermediate_and_long-term_storage_sites_management.pdf
TG9 - Template "Waste Storage Daily follow-up sheet" REMPEC Follow-up sheet to keep track of the movements of the waste on the intermediate and long term storiage sites TG9_Template_Waste_Storage_Daily_follow-up_sheet.pdf
TG10 - Assessment of national treatment capabilities REMPEC List of actions to assess national treatment capabilities for all waste and to identify the suited facility(ies) TG10_Assessment_of_national_treatment_capabilities.pdf
TG11 - Treatment facility information sheet REMPEC TG11_Treatment_facility_information_sheet.pdf
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